We produce sustainable, organic Tanzanian honey with the help of local beekeepers and bees

Our bees love the Tanzanian forest and it’s rich diversity of flowers.

Jasmine Bee has trained over one thousand smallholder farmers in organic beekeeping. The farmers practice extensive beekeeping in the ancestral Moyowosi Game Reserve, which covers an area of 1.8 million hectares and where wildlife can still roam freely. The sustainably harvested honey is cold strained and packed. The beeswax is rendered on solar powered stoves. All our bees’ products are EU organic and USDA-NOP certified by an accredited certification organisation.

The 50,000, still mainly traditional straw hives, are scattered up to 200km deep in the forest where hives are hung high in trees on apiary sites used by the same family for many generations. Beekeepers bicycle on dirt roads to self made camp of dead wood to stay the nights during harvesting season. The beekeepers collect crude honeycombs, organic by nature and guaranteed pesticide free. Our honey is unique in tradition, origin and taste. Buying Jasmine Bee honey does make a difference for them and for us.

Beekeeping is an agro-forestry activity that both enhances biodiversity conservation and provides remote communities with a sustainable income. And in our combat to tackle climate change we need to preserve the world’s ancestral forests.


Jasmine Bee was founded in 2015 by Jasmijn Bleijerveld.

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We support our community of beekeepers and our community beekeeping projects in Tanzania.

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