We support our community of beekeepers and our community beekeeping projects in Tanzania.

Planet first, People second.

Jasmine Bee continuously invests in beekeeping activities, training and materials.
On top of that we pay a premium price for organic honey to beekeepers. We only buy ripe honey of the highest quality, without a smoky taste or smell and with a low humidity content. Buying Jasmine Bee organic honey and beeswax supports our community of beekeepers and beekeeping projects in Tanzania. And as a result of this also prevents deforestation.

Since 2015 we have trained and engaged over 2.117 beekeepers in the Kibondo District in northwest Tanzania to produce our organic forest honey and beeswax to the highest standards.

The impact we make on the local beekeepers is best illustrated by this story: After the beekeeping training one of the trainees named her son Danstan, after our co-founder. She was so happy that the beekeeping provided her an extra income to provide for her family and village. Of course our Danstan went to visit the little boy and her mother.


Jasmine Bee was founded in 2015 by Jasmijn Bleijerveld.

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We produce sustainable, organic Tanzanian honey with the help of local beekeepers and bees

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