Jasmine Bee Honey is produced by the African honeybee in the remote Forest Reserve in Kigoma, Tanzania. The biodiverse Miombo forest vegetation gives the honey the fluid, amber coloured and strong, sweet characteristics.


Elephants increasingly come into contact with people and farms, resulting in crop raiding and human-wildlife conflicts. Beehive fencing makes use of bees as a natural deterrent for trampling elephants and provides additional income to farmers through beekeeping.


We practise extensive beekeeping in an ancestral forest, which covers an area of 1.8 million ha and where wildlife can still roam freely. The collected honey is cold strained and packed complying with the European and US standards of organic honey.


Our honey is collected and strained by over 2,000 smallholder beekeepers trained in sustainable beekeeping by Jasmine Bee. As we believe preservation can only succeed when forest communities can access commercial opportunities that are in harmony with the environment.


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